Procrastination (But I Digress)

Friday, March 25, 2005

Meeting youngsters

So I got to our Kiwanis meeting this week and sat in an empty seat next to some high school boys visiting. They were dressed in army fatigues so I thought they were with the ROTC or something. Their uniforms were actually pretty elaborate for ROTC, so I was mildly afraid that they were recruits out of high school already signed up in the army and I said a little prayer that they wouldn't have to go to Iraq. Mike introduced them, Samuel, Jonathan and Jonathan--he said they are our program today, they just got back from Iraq. I laughed out loud, no way, you're too young, I said to Samuel (who was sitting next to me). (I really did think they were kidding.) No one else laughed and Samuel said very seriously that he is 21. They assured me (mam) that yes they were all over 21.

The second Jonathan said that he was running his own business and literally about to sign the biggest contract of his career to provide high speed internet for a large company when he got the call that his reserve unit was being shipped to Iraq. His tour is up in two weeks now. Samuel and the other Jonathan have three more years.

They described their experiences in Iraq and how surreal it all was. They were trained on ground to air missiles, but never got to use their training, because there are no planes firing on anyone in Iraq. The insurgents set up bombs and surface missiles on timers and then leave, so there's no enemy to fight when the bombing and missiles start raining in on them. But they said the insurgents don't really want to kill Americans, they want to kill Iraqis who associate with Americans--the police and any one that works for Americans. They said that so many times an Iraqi that they saw all the time working at the base would simply disappear and they would learn that that person and their whole family had been killed. One described witnessing a car drive up to a group of police recruits--the driver was dressed as a police officer and the recruits came over to the car when he called them. They all blew up.

They said that the army is making progress on getting insurgents, but that the rules of engagement make it very difficult. They are not allowed to shot at anyone unless the person is aiming a gun at them and ready to shoot them. They said that they caught a group of insurgents planting bombs and gave chase, but were not allowed to shoot, so they threw their water bottles at them to try to knock the insurgents off their motorcycles to catch them.

They said that it was very hot when they first got there in August and wearing all the gear was very challenging, but that they weren't prepared for how cold it was in the winter in the desert. (They made me smile because they said the temperature was 38 degrees, but the wind chill brought it down in the 20's. Of course, they were living in a tent--I never lived in a tent in that kind of cold in Michigan.)

We had a few police officers at out meeting and they pounced on the guys after the meeting to recruit them to work for the Glendale police department. I still think they look too young, but I'd much rather they were police in Glendale than soldiers in Iraq.

P.S. My personal political battle has 11 more days.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Steph's Here

Stephanie and Arn arrived last night dressed for first class, but alas they were bumped. Arn drinks coffee--a challenge in our house, but Steph was up to the challenge and worked it out. Marisa is going to take them around places today and tomorrow--I heard something about the ESPN Fun Zone for tonight. I have a debate tonight, so no Fun Zone for me.

The campaign trail is up hill (literally--my knees were killing me after walking just 1/2 of one precinct last week). We have these great door hangers and we're sending post cards to all the people who requested absentee ballots and I'm designing ads for the newspaper. "Kathryn contributes a great deal to our community. Her volunteer effort balanced with her career is a good example of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication." That's a quote from when I was named Woman of Acheivement, so we're going to put it in the ad. I think it's pretty cool. Another ad is going to list 100 people who are my proud supporters, in hopes that they know thousands of people who respect their opinion. Three more weeks.

Monday, March 14, 2005

You know how when your plate is too full

stuff falls on the floor and gets stepped on. I'm so busy and have so many things going on at once that I can't remember people's names. I've know David Potter for years and years and I could not think of his name to save my life yesterday. I introduced him as Mr. Potter--ugh. I hope it doesn't cost me any votes. My stomack still hurts, but the dianetics people tested me for stress (at the Montrose Festival where I was supposed to be accosting voters) and I don't have any. I guess it's time for my annual January check up.

I have a new commercial, but I don't like it as well as the first one. Someone yesterday said they've seen my commercial a lot. Yeah. Wouldn't it be great if that commercial magically turned into a lot of votes.

I bought two new suits--I'm down to a 10 now. I really need to clean out the closet, but I guess it can wait a few more weeks, since I do have a few things on my plate right now. Friday, I have a dinner that I thought was formal, but it turns out it's a hawaian theme, so I got a hawaian shirt and I'm all set.

Last Saturday I walked 1/2 of 1 precinct (out of over a 100). It was a hilly part of town. My knees have been so good lately and I was amazed at how well I did, until right near the end. But I was expecting a little sore and thought nothing of it. I was going to go out again in the afternoon, but when I couldn't bend my knees to get out of the chair, that idea was nixed. Better luck to me next week.

Well that's all the news my crowded brain can regergitate. TTFN

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's been a little while

So my stomach has been hurting and I was trying to figure out what I ate and since I don't eat that much anymore, it was a short list, so I'm analyzing and I realized: STRESS. Oh yeah, I forgot all about stress. I've been juggling so many balls for so long, I got away from feeling stress, but this campaign is bringing it out. Am I meeting everyone I can, do I have enough money, does this suit look alright (I'm buying a lot of cheap suits and everyone is telling me they look great, but that's just because I'm skinnier), did I say the right thing, will everyone think I have this huge ego (growing by the second), is the comercial playing enough, can I walk all over Glendale, what if everyone has already decided and I walk all over Glendale for nothing, can I pull off the picnic, can I afford the picnic, if I cancel the picnic do I still have any chance of winning, who invented liquid soap and why? Ugh!

I had a long talk with one of the other candidates--she is so nice. She's really sweet too, because she said that she wouldn't mind losing to me. I didn't say it back, because I really, really want to win, but she was so nice to say that. I find myself getting personally offended when I see the other candidate's signs. It's bad. But, my dry cleaner has my sign up and there's two signs in Kenneth Villiage for me and I'm up to 10 people who've seen my comercial on tv. Woo Hoo! Only 83,780 to go.