Procrastination (But I Digress)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

Years ago, Dad worked on the set of "Showgirls" a cheesy, not quite x rated movie that involved an actress who used to play a school girl on "Saved by the Bell" prancing around almost naked. She was interviewed by Jay Leno and he asked her what it was like making the film. She said that it was terrible going around all the time in her flimsy little costume in front of the burly, sweaty crew members. Erika called Dad right away to say, hey I heard your name on tv. [At least that's my memory of the story.]

Adam has this favorite band that he goes out of his way to go see whenever they are in a 300 mile zone. He recently told me that he was in a small area with this band and about 20 fans for some shoot that he volunteered to go to. At the end, they told all the fans to leave and Adam said--they just left and he was the only one with the guts to go up to the band and ask for their autographs and pictures. He often does get up close to bands and has lots of photos with various musicians. Well the lead singer for this band was being interviewed on the Radio last week. He was asked if he has trouble going out in public, now that he has some success and is recognized. He said, no, no one wants to be a fanboy. And I thought, hey Adam, he just said your name on the radio.

[P.S. I told Adam about the "fanboy" comment and he said don't be fooled. He met that musician and Adam told him that he meant a lot to all his fans and that musician threw his arms around Adam and gave him a hug, saying Thanks, that means a lot. One can only hope that the skantily dressed actress has similar fond memories of Dad.]