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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chasing Gold

Yes, it is Olympic Tennis time! NBC has gratiously put all of the tennis on Bravo, a station that I get, but I am not home to see my dvr (drats). However, after killing a bunch of trees, I was able to print out some semblence of a draw to figure out where we stood as far as chasing that gold.

Venus and Serena are both still in singles and doubles. Their next doubles match is against the Italians Errani and Vinci. Errani was in the finals at the French and the Italian team is seeded number two. This will be a big test for the Williams. Also on their side of the draw, should they defeat the Italians are either the Russians Petrova (my favorite "doesn't win very much" player) and Kirilenko (no slouch) OR the Chinese, Peng and Zheng--not the best Chinese tennis players, but again, no slouches (especially Zheng--I am surprised that she is not seeded higher--she is very good).

On the other side of the doubles draw at the top and seeded number one is the American team of Huber and Raymond. They are seasoned and awesome doubles players and if the Williams make it through, we could have an all American finals match to decide gold and silver.

Mixed doubles hasn't started yet, but Huber and Raymond are pairing off with the Bryan brothers, so USA has a good shot at some medals in mixed doubles as well. They have the most experience at mixed doubles. The other teams include the team to watch Robson/Murray, from Great Britian. They will be big favorites. And my personal favorite, Stosur/Hewitt from Australia. I'm a big fan of theirs.

Men's doubles (except for the Bryans and Switzerland Federer/Wawrinka) most teams haven't played as a doubles team before (that I've seen which probably isn't saying much--oh well). Anyhow, I'm liking the Spaniards Ferrer and Lopez, but otherwise, I'm for the Mike and Bob (Bryan) all the way to Gold.

We are in the Third Round for the Women and my favorite player who hardly ever wins, Nadia Petrova for Russia is still in it, but she plays the number one seed, Azarenka--I'm not getting my hopes up. Venus has a tough match up against the German, Kerber who has been playing very well lately. I am pretty sure that if Serena's serve stays tough, she will have no problem against her third round opponent, Zvonareva (Russian). Carolyn Wozniacki (Denmark) or Cinderella as I like to call her should be able to take Hantuchova, but she never gets to go to the finals, because then she'll have to play Serena. If Serena and Venus win, then we'll have the sisters in the Semi-finals.

On the other side of the Women's draw, Kim Clijsters is in her last olympics and she has a great shot against Ivonovic, but Maria Sharapova is her next match and this is Maria's year. Maria Sharapova is in her first olympics--that is astounding. She is playing for Russia (even though she lives in the USA) and she got to carry their flag. Russia goes way up in my esteem for giving such a great athlete with a questionable residency that honor. She's probably going to face Kvitova (although Goerges has been playing really well for Germany). So I forsee a Russia (Maria) v. USA (Serena) finals and I'm liking Serena's chances to tie her sister in all time number of gold metals (they each have two for doubles, but Venus also has one for singles).

And then there is the men's. If Nadal was playing in these olympics it would be the same final four that we see over and over in all of the tournaments: Federer, Djokovic and Murray. Well Federer, Djokovic and Murray look to have fairly easy draws through (except Djokovic is going to have a rematch with Tsonga who beat him a few weeks ago) The new fourth will either be Ferrer who is fierce or Del Potro who has not played as well after recovering from injuries last year, but is still a big man with big power. I think we might have a Murray/Federer Final and I'm liking Murray's chances finally. It would be awesome for him to win Gold in Great Britian.

So USA still has some excellent changes for gold and I will have a lot of tennis to watch on my dvr when I get back to it this weekend--Yea!


  • At August 1, 2012 at 8:36 AM, Blogger Marcel said…

    I have seen some of the Olympics but none of the tennis. I really do not have to see the matches since you do shch a great job on recapping and analysis.

  • At August 4, 2012 at 10:17 AM, Blogger Marcel said…

    Once more your predictions are coming true. Serena did win and your trust in her skills was correct.

    Also, your call on Federer beating Del Porto was correct. Tell me once more why you did not get the sports job with the newspaper.

  • At August 6, 2012 at 5:42 PM, Blogger KathrynVH said…

    I'm flattered that you flatter my skills, but my prediction about Serena was like saying that the Cowboys will beat the Lions--no matter what the conditions, the odds are pretty good.


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