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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Grass

So very sad.  Nadal lost to who?? Rosol?  Never heard of him.  Five sets.  Sure, the grass is Nadal's worst surface, but still.  He played so well at the French--he was practically unstoppable.  To lose to the 100th seed player that I never heard of is very very sad.

And then Fed challenged to five sets today by Benneteau?  Unheard of.  What's the world coming to.  Fish is through, but his health is still a question mark.  Roddick is through but this is still early.  Next he meets Ferrer.  David Ferrer is tough, tough, tough.  And then even if he wins that, Del Potro is in that section of the draw.  With Nadal out of the bottem half of the draw, it is wide open for Ferrer or Tsonga or Murray to finally get to a final.  But then they will meet Federer or Djokovic (probably Djok), so that will be that.  Actually, if Verdasco wins his match today, next he meets Fed--that should be fun.

On the women's side, Maria Sharapova had a bit of a scare with her serve and she needed three sets to get though the second round.  Sloane Stevens is out and so is McHale, so the American's are not faring well.  Serena is still hanging on, but Stosur, Li and Venus are out.  I think Lepchenko (our new American) is still alive (but she is in Serena's portion of the draw, so even if she wins, an American is out).  Clijsters is looking really good.  But if she wins, then she'll meet Maria and I want Maria Sharapova to win, so Clijsters will just have to retire without another slam.

I am liking my direct tv coverage--during live play, they have six channels devoted to the various games.  So I get to watch Petrova, while everyone else is watching the beginning of the Federer match.  That was fun.  I get to channel surf during breaks in play until it rains and then the only play is on Center Court under the roof.  I don't like the roof, but I don't like rain delays more, so there you go.

No tennis on Sunday, but we will be in the thick of the quarters and round of 16 on the Fourth of July, so there's lots more tennis to come.  Yea!


  • At June 29, 2012 at 3:21 PM, Blogger Marcel said…

    I am amazed at the depth of your knowledge on every aspect of these various venues of tennis. Keep up these reports please.


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